Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Explanation of Cookies

Provide a clear and concise explanation of what cookies are and how they are used on your property site. Mention that cookies are small text files stored on a user's device that help enhance their browsing experience.

Types of Cookies

Describe the different types of cookies used on your site, such as functional cookies (necessary for site functionality), analytics cookies (used for tracking site usage), and advertising cookies (used for targeted advertising).

Purpose of Cookies

Explain the purpose of each type of cookie and how it benefits the user. For example, functional cookies may be used to remember user preferences or maintain session information, while analytics cookies help analyze site traffic and improve performance.

Third-Party Cookies

If your property site uses third-party services that place cookies on users' devices (e.g., Google Analytics, advertising networks), mention the purpose of these cookies and provide links to their respective privacy policies.

Cookie Settings

Provide instructions on how users can manage their cookie preferences, such as through browser settings or using a dedicated cookie management tool.

Data Protection and Privacy

Emphasize your commitment to protecting user data and ensuring compliance with applicable data protection laws. Explain how personal data is handled, stored, and shared, and provide a link to your privacy policy for more information.

Updates to the Cookie Policy

State that the cookie policy may be updated from time to time and encourage users to review it periodically for any changes.

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